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Vicky shows her impressive 007 toy collection

Vicky Hodges

I’ve always been a collector from a very small age, although back then it was Barbie Dolls, Fighting Fantasy books and Smash Hits magazines. Roll on some 10 years later and my collecting streak took a more serious turn after 4 viewings of GoldenEye in the opening week back in 1995. Bedazzled by Pierce Brosnan as our intrepid spy and with my hormones working, coupled with the high octane action and gripping storyline, I needed to immerse myself in all things Bond. I’d always been a fan of the films watching the yearly Christmas release or Bank Holiday treat but something had changed. It was time to take collecting to a whole new level.

My old local “flea pit” cinema The Kings loved to adorn its foyer in memorabilia so of course asking staff for GoldenEye offerings seemed like a sensible idea. I had my eye on this double sided vinyl hanging poster. It glistened under the lighting, blinding me. I needed it. And of course staff were more than happy to help. So, on that final 4th viewing I left with arm fulls of GoldenEye goodies. That’s when the collecting really began.

Connery, Lazenby, Moore, Dalton, Brosnan – I needed all of these Bonds in my life. Books, posters, cars, figures, more cars, watches, anything Bond – I needed it, surrounding me. Fast forward another 20 years and add Daniel Craig to the mix with more books, more cars, more BOND.

Over the years people have been surprised at my love for the franchise, particularly as I’m female. I would be questioned like I had to pass some sort of test – prove myself of worth. Some just didn’t get my fixation with it. What did it matter? It was part of my life. It only made me more determined. And that determination resulted in a Bond Room to house my now nearly 28 year old collection, my very own 007 sanctuary.

Collecting Bond merchandise has changed over the years. I personally think the introduction of cosplay to the UK has made a massive difference on how the collector pursues Bond. New collectors want to wear what Bond wears and live like they are Bond: it’s about making a statement. Also items are generally less affordable to the average collector these days. I myself continue in the same vein as I did 20 years before, relishing in the enjoyment of completing a set and organising with my other items.

Looking back at my teenage self, staring wide eyed at that first screening of GoldenEye, I would never have thought Bond would take me to places I had never thought I’d tread. My little collection has grown into The Bond Room Unlocked, an ever growing You Tube channel that showcases my collection and involves fans from the community so they can have their say. I have sistered this channel with the The Bond Room Unlocked Facebook group, an ever growing community in itself and now to be part of the board here at 007GB British Fan Club is mindblowing. What next, I ask myself?

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Last modified: 3 January 2024