Meeting James Bonds in the departure lounge

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Have you ever met a Bond? What were they like? Natasha meets Pierce Brosnan

Natasha Stone

“James Bond, with two double bourbons inside him, sat in the final departure lounge of Miami Airport and thought about life and death.” Ian Fleming, Goldfinger

One of the great things about being a member of the 007GB Club is that when people discover this, they tell you the most interesting snippets of information and anecdotes relating to our favourite spy. It’s fair to say everyone has something to say about James Bond.

After a friend, a First Class steward for British Airways, heard about my being a member of the 007GB Club he told me all about his time meeting James Bond actors in the Executive Lounges of the old London Heathrow Terminal One (now demolished).

“When a Bond entered the Lounge, the Bond presence was felt.”

I was intrigued and asked him to elaborate…

My friend worked there between 1996 to 2004 and saw many celebrities over the years, some of who had more ‘presence’ than other.

“Every time I encountered a Bond actor you really could hear a pin drop. They were always escorted into the departure lounge by British Airways Special Services.

“Pierce Brosnan appeared short, dressed casually but still smart in jeans and a black crew neck jumper. He was pleasant and appeared very down to earth. He was taking a domestic flight.

“So too, on a different occasion was Sean Connery: tall, scary and incognito – you definitely only spoke to him when spoken to. He was dressed in a cream linen blazer and Panama hat and was accompanied by his wife walking a few steps behind.”

“Roger Moore I saw in the European Lounge. He was tall, very smart in a dark suit, no tie and long dark cashmere trench coat. I assume he was

heading to Switzerland. He was a charming man who always had time for a chat.

“I haven’t met Daniel Craig but other crew members have carried him and they speak warmly of him. Apparently, when he travels First Class with BA he always comes up to the galley and has a chat. A thoroughly nice man by all accounts.”

Have you ever met a Bond? What were they like?

Last modified: 3 January 2024