You’re a Kite Dancing in a Hurricane

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Fitting some Bond moments into a couple’s retreat isn’t always easy and Blake Powers had an additional challenge on his visit to the Bahamas with his partner: a literal hurricane looming on the horizon!

Blake Powers, Agent 00280

Fitting some Bond moments into a couple’s retreat isn’t always easy and Blake Powers had an additional challenge on his visit to the Bahamas with his partner: a literal hurricane looming on the horizon!

In November of 2022, my Bond Girl and I had the pleasure to take a trip to Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas. The trip itself was guaranteed to be a memorable one. But the task of fitting some Bond moments into a couple’s retreat can be a difficult task even for the most experienced 00 agent. Find out how one balances a romantic holiday with their Bond Girl, with some Bond sightseeing along the way, all with Hurricane Nicole looming in the forecast.

Welcome to Station C

We landed in lovely Nassau and were immediately immersed into the beautiful weather and scenery as we took the taxi to the resort: RIU Palace on Paradise Island, not Bond related, but selected primarily for being the only All-Inclusive resort we found in the Paradise Island area. Having scouted the area prior to arrival like any good 00 would, I did know there were several Bond locations nearby the resort, but it was unknown how close or accessible they may be to visitors.

As we arrived at our resort we were welcomed with delicious rum punch. After check in we made our way to our room to change into our beachwear. The beach was beautiful, a clear view of the ocean, blue skies with minimal clouds that offered brief moments of shade, and an amazing blue ocean color that looked straight out of a screensaver. At first glance of the ocean up close and personal I noticed a few things. The waves were rolling in quite high, approximately five to six feet high and we later learned that we were not allowed to go into the ocean because of the unsafe waves.

My Bond Girl and I decided to take a nice walk down the long beach to enjoy the beautiful weather and stretch our legs after our morning of traveling. We decided to walk west first, towards Atlantis Resort. While walking, I noticed a certain rock-formed inlet up ahead that looked familiar. Could that be the ‘Break Water’ location from Thunderball or does Nassau have a bunch of inlets that look the same?

Once we got to the end of our resort beach we turned and headed to the other end of the beach. As we began to see the back of the resort just east of our resort, it seemed to look familiar. It almost looked as though it could be The Ocean Club, Four Seasons resort from Casino Royale. I even attempted to reenact the Daniel Craig emerging from the water staring at Solange, but I was no match for those waves! 

Now it was time to relax on the beach.

The Intel Briefing

After we finished up at the beach, we did what most parents travelling without their children do: went to the room to… nap. However, this 00 agent was too excited and determined to nap. I took advantage of the quiet time to do some additional reconnaissance of the area. 

Some additional research confirmed that the rock formation seen down the beach on Atlantis’s property was in fact the location from Thunderball where Connery walks out on the steps. And The Ocean Club, Four Seasons resort was in fact the resort right next door to the RIU Palace on the other side… Our resort was sandwiched between not one but two iconic Bond locations.

Break-Water: Thunderball

This particular location was scheduled to be demolished around 2020, and the plans were put on hold because of Covid. It is still standing now, but it is unknown how much longer. That said, it is understandable why it might have been scheduled to be demolished. Many of the rocks are corroded making it difficult to walk all the way to the end where the stairs out of the water are. And I would caution those with unsteady balance about trying to make this walk to the end of the inlet. Please note this location is also only accessible if you have an Atlantis pass – or access to the beach and the spy skill of walking like you belong and know where you’re going.

Luckily, we were in the resort next door and had access to the beach. A quick walk in the sand from the RIU resort will get you to the Break-Water location from Thunderball. As a 00 agent walks up to this location you can immediately imagine Connery as Bond climbing out of the water onto the steps and then sneaking his way up the walkway as he sleuths behind the Spectre agents preparing for a scuba dive. 

This very unique Bond location offers the opportunity for many great photos and memories!

“A Spur of the Moment Thing”

A short taxi ride will easily get you from any resort on Paradise Island to The Ocean Club, Four Seasons resort. Keep your eyes peeled, because as you pull into the resort you will see the car park that Bond crashes the Land Rover in to create a distraction!

Speaking of distractions, you will NOT need one in order to explore the lobby and courtyard of this amazing resort. The staff are also quite welcoming and understanding of 00s visiting from other resorts to explore this piece of Bond fandom. The staff allowed us to wander about and pose for some great photos in the various locations made iconic in the film Casino Royale. In fact, while standing in front of the “security office” that Bond goes into to review video for my picture I was startled by an employee opening the door and walking out of the office! However, I was able to see that the door leads to a maintanence office rather than a room filled with security cameras.

As you walk through the lobby into the martini bar you are immediately immersed into the bar and lounge area that is seen when Bond walks in and orders a drink at the bar, then sits down to play poker, ultimately winning the DB5 from Dimitrios. Some of the chairs and tables are arranged in different locations, but even the bar chairs are still the same as seen in the film!

My Bond Girl and I sat down and ordered our drinks; we thought we were being covert, but that’s when it happened. Our bartender Cindy, observed we had wristbands from a different resort, came out and asked it: “So who’s the Bond fan?” She explained that she has about one visitor a day that is a die hard Bond fan, visiting simply to have a drink where Bond has done so. We had some great conversation, and she even assisted me into the appropriate pose position to complete my Bond-esque photo op at the bar. 

The Ocean Club, Four Seasons resort also has a beautiful restaurant that you’re welcome to dine in, but I would recommend reservations for the restaurant.

The Trip as a Whole

Overall, the RIU Palace resort was beautiful and allowed my Bond Girl and I to enjoy our week long get away. There was even a Jankanoo festival themed night at the resort. The Jankanoo festival is the same Bahamian festival happening as Bond makes his escape from Fiona Volpe and the Spectre agents in the streets of Nassau in the movie Thunderball. This themed night included a similar parade through the resort and musical performance seen in the film. 

Parts of Atlantis’s resort were open to the public as well. To get to Atlantis from our resort we had to walk through an area of shops and restaurants. Along this area was the Atlantis yacht harbor. If passing through this area, a 00 should keep an eye out for the Disco Volante as an indicator that there may be Spectre agents nearby! During our visit to Atlantis we were able to check out the beautiful aquarium, an indoor mall (that has a jewellry shop with Omega watches), and the Atlantis casino. 

My Bond Girl and I had a successful couple’s retreat: several nice meals, relaxing in the sun, and some Bond moments here and there. But even if your loved one is not too on board with checking out Bond locations, bringing them to such a beautiful place makes it difficult for them not to enjoy themselves along with you!

Due to the weather we were not able to swim in the ocean: go snorkeling, or any boat excursions. That just saves additional missions next time this 00 makes it to the Bahamas. 

Our last day in the Bahamas the storm had gotten closer and the tide had risen completely above the beach and the waves were crashing into the resort walls. With the mission now complete it was time to return home. As luck would have it, we flew out the day before Hurricane Nicole hit land, although I could think of worse places to be stranded then Paradise Islands. It might have been difficult to explain the stranding to M though!

Last modified: 3 January 2024